Students at Fargo’s Bennett Elementary Plant Garden

FARGO, ND – Fourth graders at Bennett Elementary got the chance to use their green thumbs to plant a summer garden.

It’s designed to enhance the students’ science curriculum.

Plant science students from NDSU visited the class to teach the kids about gardening.

They planted a wide variety of vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and zucchini.

The vegetables will be harvested in the fall and used to create soups and salsa.

“We really do enjoy the garden, especially when they can see from previous years the kids planting the garden, and those types of things, and they also are consumers when we have the produce sale, they buy the produce so they’re excited then to plant the seeds, the plants, and plant the garden themselves,” Fourth Grade Teacher Patricia Dredge said.

This is the seventh year students have been doing the summer garden.

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