Red River Valley Memory Cafe Celebrates One Year Anniversary

The two founders started the organization as a way for those with a dementia diagnosis to feel less isolated

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Memory Cafe of the Red River Valley is celebrating its one year anniversary.

The organization’s founders started the cafe last year when they realized many people who have dementia deal with isolation, fear and the stigma around their disease.

The Memory Cafe has helped people who suffer from memory loss through education, the creative arts and socialization.

Founders say it’s those friendships made that help members of the café cope with their diagnosis.

“Really the socialization is something that has really blossomed throughout the year people are developing some really powerful friendships with other people who are also living and want to live well with memory loss. So it’s gone very well,” said Deb Kaul, co-founder of the Memory Cafe.

Spouses and caregivers of those with dementia are welcome to attend the Memory Cafe’s meetings every month.

If you’d like to attend one of the meetings, click here.

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