T and T 5K is Giving Back to NICU Nurses Who Have Devoted So Much to the Teberg Family

"It's here. Our small dream is coming true today"

KINDRED, N.D. — Emily and Brian Teberg, a mother and father from Kindred have experienced two of their daughters in the Essentia Health NICU.

After years of spending hours upon hours with the nurses, they took a dream and made it a reality.

Take a look at how they are giving back to those who have changed their lives.

It was a vision to give back to those who have made the biggest impact…

“They are our family, forever and always,” said Emily Teberg, one of the 5K organizers and a mother.

An idea that became a reality.

“It’s here. Our small dream is coming true today,” Emily said.

They donating all funds raised to the Essentia Health NICU nurses, those who have devoted so much of themselves, to help Emily and Brian’s two daughters.

“It means absolutely the world that all these people are here. You look at the sea of pink out there, sporting the TNT t–shirt, it’s just absolutely amazing,” said Brian Teberg, one of the 5K organizers and a father.

The T and T 5K, named after Taeryn and Tehnlee, their two little girls that were strong fighters from the beginning.

“We were all really heartbroken that we never got to send Tehnlee home healthy with Emily and Brian so that was a piece we all kind of felt that was missing for a long time. So to send Taeryn home grown and healthy, it was amazing,” said Sara Bole, an Essentia Health NICU Nurse.

As the nurses would say, the Tebergs have been on a journey…

“I witnessed their dedication to their kiddos, they were at that bedside every chance they got,” Sara said.

Leaving that start line and off they were, not knowing what was on the other side of the finish line.

“Losing a child in life is one of the hardest things that you will ever face and if you have a husband or a wife standing next to you, you’ll make it through,” Emily said.

But today they are celebrating as one with their little light at the end of the tunnel…thanking those that never left their sides.

“They deserve to take a break. They deserve what this crowd is going to give them,” Emily said.

And the nurses are thanking this family for being who they are.

“Her presence there actually encouraged a lot of the other nurses to even feel more happy with the job that they do,” said Scott Mutchler, a Neonatologist at Essentia Health in Fargo.

“They are the sweetest people in the world so I know they have touched a lot of people’s lives,” Sara said.

Their now annual race is about celebrating, laughing, giving back but most importantly remembering…

“And you never forget that child that was lost,” Emily said.

While being grateful for the sisters they never had.

The money donated is going to a fun fund for the nurses to be able to go out and treat themselves in any fashion they would like.

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