Candidates for Cass County Sheriff Discuss their Platforms Ahead of the Primary Elections

Throughout the next few months, both men are going to continue to show their dedication for Cass County

CASS COUNTY, N.D. — In November Cass County will have a new Sheriff in town and the race is between Jesse Jahner and Mike Kjera.

After 20 years with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, Jesse Jahner says he is ready to lead the department.

“I’d be a voice for the people, the people elect the sheriff so to me it is very important that in that position you’re out in the communities, you’re working with people to solve crimes, solve issues those things that we can do to make our community safer,” Jahner said.

Mike Kjera says 28 years with the Fargo Police Department has prepared him to serve this community in a new light.

“I’m the sheriff that cares. I want to be there, I want to care for people, I want to make our community great,” Kjera said.

Jahner has moved his way up the ranks.

He has worked as a correctional officer, a drug task force officer, a detective, a member of the SWAT team, the list goes on.

“That has worked in all aspects of law enforcement so they understand the issues and they understand how they can work collaboratively with both the community and the different departments to solve those issues,” Jahner said.

As someone who has been in the community for 40 years, Kjera graduated from Moorhead State and has been serving the community since.

“I’ve seen it all I’ve been upfront and in those 28 years I’ve always been on the street I’ve always been first on, first hand,” Kjera said.

He says as sheriff that dedication won’t stop.

“I’m still going to be out there and if you have a question or an issue, and you need to talk to me I’m going to be there, I’m going to talk to ya,” Kjera said.

Being face to face with the people is what draws Jahner in most.

“That’s what I feel is the best part about working for the sheriff’s office is that we get a chance to go out into the community a lot and visit with people and solve problems,” Jahner said.

Both men have strong platforms.

Kjera says one of his main focuses is the opioid crisis.

“That definitely is a big one in our community. We need to get rehabilitation for people that are in the jails and once they leave the jail they need some sort of support group,” Kjera said.

Jahner is highlighting…

“Community and emergency preparedness, community and department relationships and transparency,” Jahner said.

The community strongly supports law enforcement and the local departments work as one.

“We work so well together and I want to keep up those relationships,” Jahner said.

Both men say safety for schools and the community is crucial.

“If we can get people to respond quicker, know how to respond know how to defend themselves or prepare themselves for those instances so they can buy time until law enforcement gets there to eliminate that threat it’s going to make a safer community for everyone,” Jahner said.

“Making the school buildings more secure, that definitely has to happen,” Kjera said.

As a close knit community Jahner says he has an open door policy to both his deputies and the public.

“As their sheriff I would be the type of person to bring high integrity to the office, high level of professionalism, high level of preparedness and high level of reasonableness,” Jahner said.

Kjera says he wants to be a sheriff to the people, most importantly those who live in rural areas.

“People that live out there expect a good quality life and demand a good quality life and I want to give them that quality life because they live out there,” Kjera said.

Throughout the next few months, both men are going to continue to show their dedication for Cass County.

The primary elections are this upcoming Tuesday but both men automatically move on to the final vote in November.

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