Rep. Kevin Cramer Touts Work On Tax Cuts in ND Senate Race Interview


Representative Kevin Cramer has been vocal over the support that his challenger, Senator Heidi Heitkamp has received from the president.

I talked with Representative Cramer this afternoon about his opponent and his race for the senate seat.

Alison Voorhees: You have said that you believe president trump is giving Sen. Heidi Heitkamp preferential treatment because she is a woman.

Why do you think that is?

Representative Cramer: “I said he may not be as harsh on her as he has been on some of other democratic senators…and I’m just speculating; I don’t know why he’s been easier on her than some of them. Some of them have been voting records with them than she does so I was just speculating at what it might be. I have no idea why he’s been easier on her.”

Alison Voorhees: You’re competitor Heidi Heitkamp has referred to you as “a rubber stamp” for the president, which she says she has not been for either political party.

Would you agree with her statement?

Representative Cramer: “I think it’s too bad that she hasn’t supported the president when he’s been so supportive of North Dakota. However, and that’s the problem that Senator Heitkamp has. You know, it’s easy to be with President Trump when he’s so strong for North Dakota Her bigger problem, I think, is going to  be explaining why when we had President Barrack Obama, who was devastating for North Dakota, she voted with him 88% of the time.”

Alison Voorhees: President Trump is visiting Minnesota next week to rally support for a GOP–endorsed congressional candidate.

Are you upset that he hasn’t planned a trip to North Dakota?

Representative Cramer: “Oh, I think he’s been planning a trip to North Dakota for a long time on a couple of different occasions so no, I’m glad he’s going to the Iron Range of Minnesota. It’s a very good area where I think there’s a great opportunity for republican pick-ups. There’s an open house seat up there. It’s a blue collar sort of union congressional district.”

Alison Voorhees: And lastly, why do you think the voters of North Dakota want you to help lead the state?

Representative Cramer:  “Well I think it’s pretty clear, I mean, I got 69% of the vote in the last election because I represent North Dakota values. I’ve already talked about some of the things representing taxes, voting to and actually help shape the tax cuts and job act so that it was actually most beneficial to North Dakota above all other states and middle class North Dakotans at that,  particularly families and I’ve been strong on national defense. Senator Heitkamp has been very weak, voted against several national defense appropriations bills including bills that include raises for our men and women. I’ve been very strong on homeland security. She sits on the committee and very weak on it. I’ve been strong on rolling back regulations, as well as, taxes. She’s been very weak on that so I think for North Dakotans, the nice thing on that about this race is that they are going to have an opportunity to compare two voting records, with the exact same bills, exact same topics, exact same congress for the last 5 ½ years.”

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