Dead Fish Washing Ashore in Detroit Lakes

They're dying off because of naturally-occuring bacteria

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — Some people are noticing dead fish washing up on the shore in Detroit Lakes, but there’s no need to worry. Wildlife officials say it’s perfectly normal.

The Division of Fisheries at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the fish are dying off because of naturally occurring bacteria.

It is caused by changes in water temperature around this time every year. The die–offs don’t have any major effect on the ecosystem.

“The die-offs, even though they appear quite large, by someone who’s just walking down the beach, they really are a very small portion of the population. A lot of times it’ll be the smaller fish and the weaker fish of the population. Most fish are able to overcome this without any issue whatsoever,” Mandy Erickson with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said.

The Detroit Lakes City Parks Department does a daily cleanup of City Beach.

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