The New Scoop in Fargo: Kone’s Kreamery Opens with New Gelato Styles

The creamery hand crafts multiple different flavors of gelato

FARGO, N.D. — For as long as she can remember, Vena Pham has been fascinated with ice cream.

“I have a sweet tooth, first of all, I love desserts, so I have always been an ice cream person, and everywhere I travel, I always want to eat ice cream,” said Pham.

After moving to Fargo ten years ago, she decided to turn her sweet tooth into an opportunity to bring an ice cream shop to the metro.

“With Fargo growing, we wanted to bring it here, and we see that there’s a lot of family growing here as well, and we have our own family, and our daughter just loves ice cream, and it just inspired us to open one here,” said Pham.

Her husband, Kevin Nguyen, supported his wife’s dream.

“We thought it would be a nice place for family and friends to hang out. There’s not much places that you can go to, so we thought it was a good idea to have this place,” said Nguyen.

But a week and a half after it opened, the couple has already let their creativity flow.

The couple whips up several different flavors of gelato, ranging from the standard vanilla and chocolate to wild options like raspberry cheesecake and milk and cereal.

“I’ve always been creative, I like doing arts stuff, artsy stuff, so I hope that my creativity, people will like it,” said Pham.

With the couple putting their own spin on gelato, Kevin thinks they carved out their own niche among new ice cream places in the metro.

Kone’s Kreamery joins Silver Linings Creamery, Scoop–n–Dough, and Tea and Crape Fargo as the new ice cream spots in town.

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