Kittson County Nine-Year-Old Creates Her Own Soap Business

Olivia Winge didn't get what she wanted for Christmas, but what she did get under the tree changed her life

KENNEDY, Minn. — Most nine–year–olds don’t own their own business but Olivia Winge is an exception.

A year ago, she asked her parents for spa items for Christmas and got an answer she wasn’t expecting.

“My mom was like to my dad ‘why are we buying this stuff when I could just make it?'” Olivia said.

“She really likes making stuff so instead of buying the stuff, we talked about buying kits and stuff for her,” said Staci Winge, Olivia’s mom.

Those kits combined with Olivia’s need to create things, was all it took to create the perfect concoction for Sassy Farmgirl Soaps.

And you can forget the sand box or play house, Olivia even has her very own studio.

“She’s completely taken over my house,” Staci said. “Completely has taken over a whole room in our house and it’s been well worth it.”

It’s where she creates everything from bars of soap to lotions and bath bombs, and she sells them to customers at vendor shows all over the Red River Valley.

“Sometimes they think that I’m helping my mom sell it and I’m like, well this is my business and they’re like ‘wow’ or something like that. It’s kind of funny,” Olivia said.

Winge even gets invited to sell her products at local boutiques.

“I’m incredibly proud of that little girl. So proud. And again, so thankful that she has so many strong women out there who are being so supportive of her,” Staci said. “The confidence that’s coming from it, I’ve seen my daughter converse and be very passionate about what she does and talk to adults and explain processes.”

Olivia’s now hoping that her confidence will reminds others that the talk of “someday” can be turned into today.

“They should do what they love to do, do what they really want to do,” Olivia said.

Winge’s products are on sale at:

Stephen, Minn. – Brilliance Salon and Spa

Warren, Minn. – Simply Boutique

Detroit Lakes – The Nines

Grand Forks – Northern Roots Boutique

Fargo – Burlap Rustic Chic Boutique



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