Valley Senior Center Hosts Country Western Themed Birthday Bash for People Ages 90+

The party had 65 honorees over the age of 90
FARGO, N.D. — Happy Birthday may be played at every birthday party, but this bash was far from ordinary.
“It’s the birthday party through the Valley Senior Center and it’s to celebrate the birthdays of everybody who is 90-years young or older,” Bernadette McNeil, one of the entertainers at the party said.
The party had 65 honorees over the age of 90, and they each got to enjoy some live country-inspired entertainment.
“I thought they were good. I was tapping my feet to the music,” Viola Toppen, the oldest female at the party at 104-years-old said.
Watching everyone do-si-do around the party brought back memories from when they strapped on their own dancing shoes when they were younger.
“I’m a country music fan,” Toppen said. “I never did square dancing. I did some line dancing but never square dancing.”
“Oh I used to do it when I was young,” Mae Stiles, an 100-year-old honoree added. “The boys used to hold us under their arms and you know how tall they are? They’d lift us so our underpants showed. Those kids were naughty.”
 Although they may not be as smooth on the dance floor anymore, they still make sure to enjoy every day to the fullest.
“They all ask me what I attribute my success to and I don’t have anything,” Toppen said. “I just live each day. I eat what I want, when I want.”
And for others, they go with the ‘age is just a number’ mentality.
“That’s why im only 39. At least that’s what I say. I might lie,” Stiles joked.
Both Toppen and Stiles say they’ve been attending this 90+ birthday bash for the last few years.
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