Metro Prepares for President Trump’s Arrival

Fargo Police met with the Secret Service this afternoon to discuss security plans for June 27

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Police met with the Secret Service this afternoon to start making security plans for President Donald Trump’s visit to town next Wednesday.

The president held a rally last night in Duluth.

His motorcade route from Hector to Scheels Arena in Fargo has not yet been selected, but police will announce it before the event.

Chief David Todd says for anyone interested in coming, make sure to get there early because there will be an intensive security screening.

They will have all hands on deck including West Fargo Police, Cass County Sheriff’s Department and North Dakota Highway Patrol.

“These are manpower intensive so we will use a significant amount of our personnel. What we try to do is adjust hours so that we have as many people working as possible and then what we can’t cover, we cover that with bringing people on overtime,” Todd said.

He recommends people don’t bring any bags or purses to Scheels Arena because they may not be allowed.

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