“Miracle Ride” Raises Money for Sanford Children’s Hospital

Motorcycle riders rode out to the Lakes Area

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Motorcycle riders revved up their engines to go on a Miracle Ride to raise money for Sanford Children’s Hospital.

Many of these bike riders have a personal connection to the Miracle Ride.

“My son has a disease called Marfan’s and he’s spent some time in the hospital…it’s our way to give back for what my son has to deal with,” Rich Malmgren, a Miracle Ride participant, said.

“I’m a father of two boys… bikers love to rally behind a cause, rallying for children is something that’s very easy to do and there’s a lot of support for it. It’s just something that we really believe in,” Jimmy Entenman, an owner at Harley-Davidson, said.

The bikers started off in West Fargo, cruising about 130 miles out to the Lakes Area.

“I love to burn gas and oil. I love getting on a bike, burning gas and oil, twisting the throttle, having a good time, hanging out with friends. A lot of it is riding and the fellowship that goes along with it,” Entenman said.

Those friendships are one of the key parts of the biking community.

“There’s always people that’ll be willing to help out. Or to talk to or to socialize with… we’re basically like a little family,” Malmgren said.

Ultimately, bikers say riding is a way to get away from the stresses of life.

“Even if you have a bad day at work, it’s hard to be mad or upset. It’s a way to get away and relax.  That’s why I like riding. Just get away and unwind,” Malmgren said.

The Miracle Ride also had live music, food, a raffle, and silent auction.

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