Red River Raiders Raises Flags for Veterans’ Suicide Awareness

The flags will stay outside Sanford's Medical Center through June 8


FARGO, N.D. —┬áRoughly 660 veterans commit suicide every month.

As a way to raise awareness for all those men and women lost, the Red River Raiders of the Marine Corps League and their families placed flags outside of Sanford’s Medical Center. Members chose to place more than 600 flags outside of the hospital because they thought it’s where they would be the most visible. If there’s one thing onlookers take away from the flags, members of the Red River Raiders say it’s that they should raise their voices.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to someone. Family, friends, whether they’re a veteran or not. If someone is contemplating suicide, it’s okay to bring it up. Don’t be nervous about it, talk to them and ask them if they’re thinking about suicide. If you are, we need to talk about it and get you to people that can help you,” said Brad Aune, with the Red River Raiders.

The flags will remain outside Sanford through July 8.

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