Local Businesses Prepare for Crowds of Thousands for President Trump’s Visit to Fargo

Anyone going to Family Wellness near Scheels Arena is advised to enter on Seter Parkway because 30th Avenue will be blocked off at some point

FARGO, N.D. — Steep Me A Cup of Tea is only located in Bismarck and right here in Fargo.

Which means this is the second time the tea store’s business owners are preparing to face the crowds of people trying to see President Trump in town.

The first time was when Trump came to Bismarck in September.

“We did have a parking issue. We did have a lot of people that showed up to park but it was really nice,” said Terisina Hintz, owner of Steep Me A Cup of Tea.

That’s because so many people were pouring into their establishment, and why Hintz says she expects Trump’s trip to Fargo to help all the businesses surrounding Scheels Arena.

“I don’t think a lot of people come through here yet because everything is really new. As you can tell, there’s so much new construction right now on Veterans, it’s hard to know what’s here,” Hintz said. ‘What a perfect excuse to be able to come into the vicinity for something else and kind of look around and see what else is here.”

Steep Me A Cup of Tea has already made extra iced teas in anticipation of long lines and tomorrow’s 80 degree weather. Hintz has also staffed extra people to help out.

While she at least has an idea of what she can expect tomorrow, this will be the first time Family Wellness employees experience one of Trump’s visits to town.

“There’s going to be a lot of people in our area,” said Jordan McCormick, assistant director of Family Wellness. “We don’t think we’ve seen anything quite like this so we don’t totally know what to expect. We are sharing everything we learn as quickly as we can.”

That includes where people should try to get into the fitness center tomorrow evening.

McCormick recommends gym members enter on Seter Parkway because 30th Avenue will be blocked off at some point.

Aside from creating lots of traffic in the area, Trump’s visit is also shining a national light on everything Fargo has to offer.

“People don’t always think of Fargo, North Dakota as a place to be but I think it really is. It puts us on the map so to speak,” McCormick said. “If nothing else, it’s cool anytime that we get to lift up Fargo and our awesome community in a really cool way for something to bring us national attention other than blizzards or a flood.”

Family Wellness members trying to avoid the Scheels Arena area can get into the YMCA Fargo locations.

They just have to bring their membership card and a photo ID.

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