Former Bison Tre Dempsey, Darren Kelley Develop Football Training Program

Dempsey and Kelley created "End goal Performance," a training program for young area athletes

FARGO, N.D. — Former Bison Tre Dempsey and Darren Kelley may have retired the green and gold, but that hasn’t stopped the duo from finding a new way to continue playing football in Fargo.

Together, they developed “End Goal Performance,” a training program for young area athletes. The goal is to mentor players of all ages and skill sets in order to help them reach…you guessed it, their end goals.

And while each session is jam packed with high performance drills, they’re also hoping each session builds life skills.

“I come from a similar background from a lot of these kids,” Kelley said. “I’m from Baltimore City, I didn’t come from much. I got in trouble, and it was mentors that pushed me, that got me through. I grew, I developed so much through the mentorship that I had, so we just want to give that same thing to these young kids.”

“My plans right now didn’t turn out how I thought they would,” Dempsey added. “I thought I would be at an NFL training camp right now. We’re trying to reach kids individually to change their mindset about football, to change their mindset about life. It’s not about quitting when you get knocked down. You have to lift your head up and go get it because everybody has their downfalls.”

To join their next session or for more information contact Tre Dempsey and Darren Kelley at:

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