‘End Goal Performance’ Mentors Metro Youth

End Goal Performance is a training program for young area athletes

FARGO, N.D. — Former NDSU Bison football players Tre Dempsey and Darren Kelley may have retired the green and gold, but that hasn’t stopped the duo from finding a new way to continue playing football in Fargo.

“We can get involved more in the community,” Darren Kelley told Tre Dempsey. “Let’s just do something. I was like ‘Man we should start training young kids.’ The next day we started going around to high schools, coaches, talking to them. I grew, I developed so much through the mentors that I had, so we just want to give that same thing to these young kids.”

Together, they developed End Goal Performance, a training program for young area athletes, local kids that spent countless Saturday’s watching their idols play the game they love at the FargoDome.

“It’s amazing,” Nathan Goldade a Junior at Sheyenne said. “You’re learning from the best and you know you’re getting the best work.”

“It’s crazy because you know Dempsey is an All–American,” Hunter Hoffner a Senior at Sheyenne said. “At NDSU their coach over there he knows his stuff, so when he teaches me I can apply that to my game.”

The purpose at End Goal Performance is to mentor players of all ages and skill sets in order to help them reach their end goals.

“I think I get better every day because he critiques my stuff,” Hoffner said. “We constantly keep doing it until I get it right over and over. Then we can switch on to something else every other day.”

And while each sessoon is jam packed with high performance drills, they’re also hoping to build life skills.

“I’ve never been the biggest person, but I’ve always been a dog just because I got that mentality. I’m not going to quit,” Dempsey said. “I’m not going to give up and I’m going to go get mine regardless. I’m trying to instill that into them because in life you’re going to have your knockdowns and you’re going to have to get back up. It isn’t about football all the time.”

The duo is already making headway.

“They’re making me go harder and not quit,” Germond Johnson a Freshman at South said. “Before I probably would’ve just quit. All the yelling and stuff would’ve made me mad. I probably would’ve just walked off, but I didn’t do that today. I took it and I was like ‘Okay, I’m going to get it right,’ and that’s what I did. So yeah, it made me better.”

To learn more about End Goal Performance contact Tre Dempsey and Darren Kelley at EndGoalPerformance@gmail.com

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