Fargo Holding Trial Period of Parking Food Trucks in Certain Areas Downtown

FARGO, N.D. – Food trucks have become a go–to spot around Fargom but do you ever have a hard time finding them?

From the end of July to October, the city will be holding a trial period so that food trucks can park in designated parts downtown and see how people respond.

The temporary plan was supposed to happen in early July, but the city is asking the commission for a two week push after hearing some additional feedback from the community.

“We will take our own observations as well as experiences and comments that we hear from the public and kind of weigh all of that against each other and present that back to the City Commission to see is its something we want to do permanently or say that we’ve tried it and keep trying it maybe in a temporary kind of way,” Program Director Nicole Crutchfield said.

If this trial period goes well, it could become permanent.

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