Housework Believed To Be Cause of Moorhead Fire

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Crews have put out a fire at 815 13th Avenue North in Moorhead believed to be started by work on the home.

Firefighters got the call at 3:50 PM Monday and smoke was seen coming from the roof.

The Moorhead Fire Department says two homeowners were fixing their roof which sparked the flames in the garage.

“Crews found that there was a concentration of fire about a foot up on the roofline. And, it’s an area where it’s hard to get into because the roof isn’t very tall right there. So, what they have been doing is peeling back the soffit and fascia in the front of house, trying to get back into where the scene of the fire is,” Moorhead Fire Dept. Asst. Chief Jeff Wallin said.

Wallin says there’s extensive damage to the garage near the roof, but the house is still livable.

No one was hurt.

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