Keeping Pets Safe During Fourth of July Fireworks

Pets can get scared from the sound of fireworks

FARGO, N.D. — Pets can get scared from the sound of fireworks during Fourth of July celebrations.

It’s best to keep them inside in an escape–proof room so they don’t run away. You can use soothing music to try to drown out the noise from fireworks. Thunder shirts can also calm animals down.

If you do go out with your pet, make sure it has proper identification like tags or a microchip.

“You want to have your pet out with you during the festivities, but they would much rather be at home in a safe, secure location. The noises and loud bangs will just scare them. That’s when your pets will try to flee the situation and run and ultimately get lost,” Heather Klefstad, public relations and marketing manager at Homeward Animal Shelter said.

If your pet does go missing, check with the local pound. If your area doesn’t have one, you can check with local law enforcement.

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