West Fargo Public Schools Officially Welcomes its New Superintendent Beth Slette

Dr. Flowers officially retired on June 30th after a 45 year long career as an educator

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo Public Schools officially welcomed in its new leader Beth Slette as she begins her new role as the West Fargo Superintendent.

“It’s been a busy day already, very busy,” Slette said.

It’s day one officially on the job and she is already on the go with a jam packed schedule.

“The day, I start running and I end running and there’s not any part of it that isn’t enjoyably to me,” Slette added.

Her first task as Superintendent is finding solutions for a growing community.

“We are growing by 500 to 600 students each year,” Slette said. “We’re looking to do a bond referendum vote on September 25th and a lot of work now is to ensure that our taxpayers and our families have the information necessary to make a good decision and to vote.”

The referendum includes a new middle school and high school. Slette says regardless of outcome, her job is to ensure each child has the best education possible.

“A really big piece of what we do is to ensure that every child, regardless of where they live, or what family they come from, or what their circumstances are that they all have equal access to the education that they deserve, and I take that role very seriously,” Slette explained.

Slette says filling the shoes of Dr. David Flowers is an overwhelming task, but West Fargo’s teamwork mentality is making it easier.

“The ‘I can, we can together’ is very important to me, so when I look around the team knowing that we do things collaboratively, it’s a very exciting time,” she said.

Dr. Flowers officially retired on June 30th after a 45 year long career as an educator.

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