Dion’s “DANGERZONE” Gym Provides Obstacle Course at Water Carnival

Are you looking for a workout to challenge you not only physically but also mentally? 

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — Are you looking for a workout to challenge you not only physically but also mentally?

From lifting tires to working on your agility, Dion’s “DANGERZONE” Gym will have you working hard. Dion Sgro, owner of the gym, is in charge of the 2018 Water Carnival’s Dangerzone Crazies Crash Course, an obstacle course not meant for the weak.

“We have a pretty big following at the gym, so when I brought it up everybody was like, let’s do it!,” Sgro said. “So, my role is to get some obstacles out there, have fun, motivate people, and just let them know it’s a good time.”

Dion started out by training himself, not knowing how much he would enjoy training others.

“I actually started enjoying training people more than I actually enjoyed boxing and all of that stuff,” Sgro said. “It just got to be changing people’s lives and it just grew.”

After saving money for eight years and purchasing equipment slowly but surely, Dion saved up enough money for six months of rent at a gym.

“I said if I can’t grow from there, I won’t make it,” Sgro said.

Dion’s “DANGERZONE” Gym has around 160 consistent clients who feel supported by one another while pushing themselves to their limits.

“It’s exciting, it’s scary, you know not in a bad way scary, as you know can I do it and then you overcome that,” Dion’s “DANGERZONE” Gym client Steph Golkowski said. “It’s like I can do this, what else can I do.”

Steph’s baby is due in 1 month and still makes it to Dion’s gym consistently.

“I missed Tuesday and I texted Dion last night and I was like I have to come Friday because I wasn’t signed up because Tuesday was the longest day ever, I’m more tired, I don’t have the energy I have,” Golkowski said.

Between 40 and 50 of Dion’s clients, along with others, are participating in the obstacle course. He urges all of his clients who are not participating to come and cheer on those who are.

“At the gym, everybody is motivating somebody,” Sgro said. “One day you’re the one motivating somebody, the next day, somebody is motivating you.”

Registration is still open for Northwest Water Carnival’s Dangerzone Crazies Crash Course. You can find an entry form at the gym.

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