Kids Create Catapult With Their STEM Skills at the Moorhead Library

MOORHEAD, Minn. – Kids learn to use their science skills and creativity at a STEM lab at the Moorhead Library.

The Moorhead non–profit Inspire Lab gave children a bag full of items. They had to find a way to use cups, paper clips, popsicle sticks rubber bands and tape to make a catapult that throws a ball.

“The STEM programs are really a way for kids to challenge themselves and use their brain in a way they don’t when they’re outside. And it focuses on every aspect of education and brain development to help kids unlock skills that they don’t even know they have,” Inspire Lab Supervisor Kim Larson said.

Inspire Lab offers full day STEM camps in the Summer and an after school program. For more information on joining a camp or registering for the Fall, click here.

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