Veterans Memorial Pool in WF Opens Early to Help Kids Beat the Heat

The pool, as well as the Red River Valley Fair, give people an opportunity to cool off

WEST FARGO, N.D. — As the sun swelters down on local swimming pools across the metro, the staff at Veterans Memorial Pool decided to take action and present a solution for kids to beat the heat.

“It’s supposed to be really hot this week, and with the Fair going on, some parents might not be able to bring their kids in, so we decided to open up in the morning,” said John Emerson, the Assistant Manager of Veterans Memorial Pool.

Veterans Memorial Pool in West Fargo will open early Thursday letting kids jump  into summer fun at 10 in the morning.

Parents say they love the flexibility that coming in the morning has to offer.

“I like to get them out earlier before it gets too warm. Otherwise, they’re worn out in just a few minutes, and I like to get them out before they try to play video games all day,” said Jen Simmons, a local parent.

Just a few miles down the road, the Red River Valley Fair has some tricks up their sleeve to make sure people are hydrated.

“We have our misting tent on the southwest side by the grandstand. We also inside have bottles of water if need be, then we would come in and respond,” said Jon Peterson, a Paramedic for FM Ambulance.

Paramedics say if you’re going to the fair, you should have one bottle of water for every cup of lemonade in order to stay properly hydrated throughout the day.

Peterson says a lot of kids have come by the misting tent at the fair once they start to feel the effects of the heat.

But whether people at the fair or swimming in the pool, people just have to remember to stay hydrated.

Most pools in the metro open in the afternoon.

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