Bear Seen Roaming Around Grand Forks Has Been Captured

GRAND FORKS, N.D. – A bear made its way to Grand Forks and climbed a tree, but has been captured.

Grand Forks Police and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department spent hours trying to get the bear out of the tree here at University Park.

The bear was first spotted around 4:30 this morning at Industrial Park before it started roaming around Grand Forks. But it quickly has become the talk of the town.

“It was this morning on my way to work near Valley Middle School. They told me that Yogi was in the park looking for some picnic baskets and I had to come scope it out.”

He’s not the only one. The bear eventually climbed up into a tree in University Park to take a nap inspiring people all over Grand Forks to visit their uninvited guest.

“It’s kind of strange. I don’t think this happens often. And I don’t really know what they’re going to do,” an onlooker said.

“I’ve lived here for 35 years and I’ve never heard such a thing. It’s pretty amazing,”

Grand Forks Police blocked off University Avenue from North 25th and North 23rd Street including the sidewalk.

Because North Dakota’s Game and Fish Department does not tranquilize animals, police enlisted the help of a citizen who offered their assistance and has expertise in tranquilizing animals. Two darks hit the bear with the chemical BAM, a tranquilizer used for bison and deer.

“Hopefully the bear comes out of the tree and hopefully we can get the bear to a safe location. This isn’t something we encounter everyday either so we’re trying to work our way through it as best we can,” Grand Forks Police LT. Derik Zimmel said.

But this also isn’t the first time a bear has been in Grand Forks.

“We’ve had bears, there was a moose in town some years back. There are frequently deer in town so we get wildlife in town. We encourage people to remain clear of the wildlife and hopefully they’ll work their way out of town without injuring themselves or anyone else,” Lt. Zimmel said.

Officers were able to avoid using a lethal method to get the bear down from the tree. It’s thinks to help from a vet at Fargo’s Red River Zoo and Wildlife Ecologist Jay Boulanger who didn’t find out the bear wasn’t out of the tree until arriving at the park to see for himself.

“I found out about this situation through text message. It’s important for the bear to come down safely not only for the bear itself but also for the bystanders. We have lots of children, we’re in the middle of the park and so it’s important we take care of this situation quickly,” Boulanger said.

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