Congressmen Peterson and Walz Share Their Plan To Delay Medicare Changes

MOORHEAD, Minn. –¬†Democratic Congressmen Tim Walz and Collin Peterson were both in Moorhead to discuss their plans in the works to change Medicare policies for seniors.

Walz is running for governor and Peterson for re-election. Their Protect Medicare for Seniors Act of 2018 would delay the transition from Medicare Cost plan beneficiaries to the new Medicare Advantage plans for two years.

Seniors with the old plan are expected to start getting letters in the mail notifying them when they will be dropped from their plans. Both congressmen say their phones have been ringing off the hook because so many people are worried about not having coverage anymore.

“A letter is going to show up in the mail. You may or may not read it. You’re going to go back to a basic medical care plan that’s going to leave you with bills. That’s going to leave you uncovered for medications you need and it’s simply not the way to go about it. All I’m asking for is to give us two years to give us a chance to help people understand what’s happening,” Walz said.

Medicare Cost plan beneficiaries will end after the calendar year.

More than 300,000 Minnesotans are expected to be affected by the transition.

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