Fargo South Set to Become First Public School in Fargo with Artificial Turf

An anonymous $1.2 million donation paved the way for the school to get turf

FARGO, N.D. —¬†On the high school sports circuit, many public schools across North Dakota in cities like Grand Forks and Minot have turf fields.

Five years after he became the Athletic Director at Fargo South, Mike Beaton began having conversations to help bring his school up to speed in the new age of sports surfaces.

“It was always a thought that we would have turf. It certainly makes things a lot easier, so it’s been in the back of our minds as a district,” said Beaton.

But that dream became a reality courtesy of an anonymous $1.2 million donation.

Beaton says that the new surface is easier to maintain.

“One of the biggest things that we would run into is we would have football and soccer on the field during the fall, and there’s very little time for it to recoup before girls soccer in the spring, so it will keep a consistent feel for us throughout the fall, as well into the spring and summer,” said Beaton.

Construction on the new turf field should take place in a couple of weeks, and the field will be the home for the Bruins boys and girls soccer teams, as well as the football team on Friday.

Besides the Bruins sports teams getting the chance to enjoy a new surface, the new turf opens up plenty of possibilities for other events.

“You could program it almost like a gymnasium to where it will be used by physical education classes during the day, you will be able to program it for multiple activities after school each day,” said Todd Olson, the Director of Student Activities for Fargo Public Schools.

Beaton thinks that the other public high schools in Fargo will make the switch to turf one day, but for now, he’s grateful that his school can set the trend for the future.

“Can’t say it enough about how much we appreciate it. It’s going to be helpful not only to the people and kids at Fargo South, but also across the district to have the opportunity to have a field that we can play on in just about any condition,” said Beaton.

While the turf is being installed, Fargo South football and boys soccer will play their home games at alternate locations.

Beaton says the turf should be ready at some point in September.

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