New Information on Amber Simonson’s Abduction: How Police Caught Her Alleged Kidnapper

The Otter Tail Sheriff confirmed 39 year old Anthony Randklev of Pelican Rapids entered Amber Simonson's house armed from a unlocked basement door around 2 pm Sunday

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. — New information about the Fergus Falls woman abducted from her home shows the man police say took her led officer on a chase before his arrest.

The Otter Tail Sheriff confirmed 39-year-old Anthony Randklev of Pelican Rapids entered Amber Simonson’s house armed from a unlocked basement door around 2 pm Sunday.

Authorities say he forcibly took Simonson from her house in front of all 4 of her children who are under the age of 10. Her oldest then called their dad, who called 911.

Randklev took off in a 2001 silver Chevy pick-up truck and the Pelican Rapids Fire Department later found the truck just off county highway 24.

Investigators say he led police on a chase through Pelican Rapids and onto highway 59 where police successfully deployed tire deflation devices.

About 10 minutes later Randklev drove into a crop field with Amber in the passenger seat and shots were fired.

Randklev was taken into custody and Simonson was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Simonson’s family says if it weren’t for her kids telling officers the details they remembered, she may not have been found so quickly.

“We’re really proud of them, that they were able to talk to the detectives and we love our police department they got the ball rolling and I pleaded with them and they used all avenues. Without them and without all of our community we might not have her tonight because had he had her in custody longer, we don’t know what might have happened,” said Brenda Peasley, Amber’s mom.

When Simonson’s mom asked if the man hurt her, she responded¬† “we’ll talk about it later.”

Randklev is being held at the Otter Tail County Jail for kidnapping, burglary, fleeing and assault. He was also sentenced in 2008 for kidnapping and assault and was released from prison last year.

Stick with KVRR as we attend Randklev’s first court appearance on Tuesday.