Sailors Visit the Fargo-Moorhead Area for Navy Week

The Fargo–Moorhead area may not have a coastline but this week there are sailors!

FARGO, N.D.– The Fargo–Moorhead area may not have a coastline but this week there are sailors!

The U.S. Navy is paying a week-long visit to Fargo–Moorhead.

Metro Navy Week is a chance for the Navy to inform people about what they are all about. Rear Admiral Gene Price hopes people receive…

“A better understanding of what we do,” Price said. “That if you send your sons and your daughters into the Navy, that you can count on us taking those people and molding them into leaders.”

Throughout Navy Week, members of the U.S. Navy are participating in events at schools, hospitals, and offering STEM presentations.

“We’re going to be talking about what you guys are paying for because we work for the people of Fargo and all of the other Americans in our great country,” Price said.

Navy Week Cities are chosen based on a multitude of factors, including knowledge of the Navy in general.

Cities both inland and on the coast are chosen in effort to reach people in all parts of the United States. The Navy Band Great Lakes is in the Fargo–Moorhead area as well as showcasing what they practice on a day–to–day basis.

“Being in the Navy band is one of the best things I can do,” Musician first class Zachary Ellerbrook said. “I mean this is my job. First question people ask me is what do you do for a living? How do you support your family? I do that by playing the trombone for the United States Navy. ”

Navy Band Great Lakes works out of Great Lakes, Illinois and performs primarily in the Midwest.

“What better way to make a living than by doing what I’ve been doing since I was ten years old,” Ellerbrook said.

The Navy Band is performing each day of Navy Week.

Click on the link to view the Navy Week events schedule.

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