Statewide Transportation Plan Makes For Easier And Safer Commutes

ND Moves created a 20-year policy level plan that includes a statewide network of bike routes

FARGO, N.D. — “I’ve had some folks come about a foot, foot and a half from me with their mirror and it really shakes you up. It really puts a lot of fear in you,” bike rider Jay Larson explained.

Larson is an avid bike rider in the F-M area and he’s not alone when it comes to fears and problems while pedaling.

“There’s unfortunately been some fatalities from time to time, and so we want to be able to do what we can to eliminate that in our community,” Dan Farnsworth, a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator added.

That’s where ND Moves comes in, a statewide plan to improve transportation for walkers, joggers, drivers, public transit and bikers.

“This is the first bicycle, pedestrian and transit plan that North Dakota Department of Transportation has done since the mid 90’s,”¬†Farnsworth said.

“This is a very comprehensive, 20-year policy level plan that includes a statewide network of bike routes that will allow big communities and small communities to all attach to this system,” project manager Steven Mullen explained.

Bikers agree new routes and some new safety features can benefit the state.

“Any signage or markings are nice for safety and to make the public more aware of bicycles,” Larson said.

“Having safer and more convenient and easier bike routes in and out of the Fargo-Moorhead metro area would be the biggest thing that would be beneficial to our community,”¬†Farnsworth said.

And this plan is needed to match the pedaling popularity.

“In 20 years, biking is going to be significantly different than it is today,” Mullen explained. “Already they have electric bikes that can go 200 miles on a charge, so I think it’s going to become much more different and much more popular.”

This is one of eight open houses across the state to learn about this plan.

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