U.S. Navy Works with College for Kids & Teens During Navy Week

The program offers a variety of STEM related labs such as Lego Robotics

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The U.S. Navy is working with kids and teens to grow an interest in STEM related fields in the metro.

Sailors are working closely during Navy Week with the College for Kids & Teens at MSUM.

Kids in this program have the opportunity to work with a variety of STEM related labs such as Lego Robotics.

The USS Constitution sailors are participating in the program as well by educating the students on the history of the ship.

“The Navy is a technical service,” Lt. Mack Jamieson of the Navy Office of Community Outreach said. “We have nuclear propulsion, we’re flying jets. We need smart people in the Navy. We need smart people supporting the Navy and so that’s why we’re here, to help support that in the youth. To help get them focused in the right direction and hopefully give them a little push along the way.”

This is the eighth Navy Week that Constitution Sailors have participated in this year.

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