Parents Walk to Honor Children Who Lost Their Lives

They held their 12th annual Walk to Remember

FARGO, N.D. — The group The Compassionate Friends gives parents an outlet to honor their children.

They held their annual Walk to Remember, where parents walked from Oak Grove Park to the Angel of Hope at Island Park. There, they released balloons and butterflies.

“He said, ‘I love you mom and dad,’ and that was the last thing we heard from him. He passed away in his sleep. His heart just stopped. No advance warning he was sick or anything,” Kara Bailey, the chapter of leader of The Compassionate Friends, said of her son.

Another parent, Robert Livdahl, lost his child in a car accident. He says he showed up as his son was being airlifted.

“The deputy had to tell me, ‘that’s your son.’ I could tell in his eyes, I already knew the outcome,” he said.

“You’re completely shocked. You don’t believe it. It’s a fog. You’re just walking around, you don’t know what you’re doing that first year basically,” Bailey said. “As a parent of losing a child, the worst thing is having your child forgotten about, and this is a way to remember all of the children who have been taken too soon.”

Livdahl says the hardest part is the special days year after year.

“You go through all the anniversaries from their birthdays and especially the day they died, and seeing their former classmates getting married,” he said.

Bailey and Livdahl say time is healing.

“You’re not alone. It doesn’t get easier, it gets softer. The pain, it’ll never go away, but it does lessen a little bit,” Bailey said.

“It never ends. It does get easier. And softer and you can smile. And be happy and remember the good times,” Livdahl said.

If you would like to learn more about The Compassionate Friends, click here.

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