St. Thomas Woman Celebrates 29 Years Working at Local Cafe

Bonnie Lunde cooks for the entire town with a staff of two

ST. THOMAS, N.D. — Bonnie Lunde and the menu both haven’t changed at the St. Thomas Cafe over the last 29 years.

She wakes up at 4:30 a.m. Monday through Friday to serve the whole town with a staff of only two.

Her signature turkey legs, gravy and potatoes are what people really look forward to the most though. It’s only served on Thursdays, which is why you will always find the cafe packed for dinner.

It’s also why she’ll peel many, many potatoes donated by Gilleshammer Thiele Farms in town, and cook three turkeys each Thursday.

Believe it or not, Lunde wasn’t originally hired to cook at the St. Thomas Cafe though.

“They asked me to help clean. Somebody had quit and didn’t have a cafe for a couple days and so they asked me if I would help clean and I haven’t left. I’ve really enjoyed all the people that have come and gone and just a lot of good memories,” Lunde said.

“It’s very impressive she stuck it out that long. Thursdays seem to be the days that people come from all different towns, even an hour away, to have turkey dinner,” said Lisa Oby, St. Thomas Cafe summer volunteer.

Other items on the menu include cheeseburgers, shrimp burgers, potato salad and much more.

While she has the recipes, Lunde says it’s her community volunteers who help out and make running the cafe possible.


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