NDSU, UND Investing in More Research

Each university will ask the state for $50 million

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — NDSU and UND may have a sports rivalry, but the schools have a partnership when it comes to academics.

Both universities invest about $225 million a year on research. NDSU President Dean Bresciani and UND President Mark Kennedy are now asking for $100 million, $50 million for each, from the state to expand research programs at the universities. They say the money will do so much more than just attract students to the campuses.

“It’s talking about can North Dakota be too successful? These dollars create jobs, they create economic prosperity, economic diversification. Can North Dakota have too much of that? It’s hard to imagine,” said NDSU president Bean Bresciani.

UND and NDSU will also ask the state for $152 million to spend on keeping infrastructure up to date.

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