Thrive Fest Christian Music Festival Comes To the Red River Valley Fairgrounds

This is the first time the Christian music festival has been held in Fargo

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Bands from across the country are in town for the Christian music festival Thrive Fest at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds.

One attendee, Tia McBee, says she wasn’t expecting it all when she won tickets.

“I wasn’t even going to answer the phone, but something just told me, answer the phone,” she said.

She says the music really helps her connect with her faith.

“I just break down and cry sometimes when I hear the songs, it really helps me connect with God.”

That’s how Thrive Fest’s organizer also feels, especially during tough times in life.

“Music is what got me through each day. I was not able to get through a day without music,” Shantel Dudley said.

Even though the bands fall under the umbrella of Christian music, there’s still a range from hard rock to country to Southern gospel.

“What we really want them to take is a personal relationship with Christ. They leave here knowing they heard good music, but above all, there’s so many people that are hurting, their hearts are broken, they’re searching,” Kent Dudley, a musician, said.

“Our goal is people will come here and their lives will be changed. People will be able to let go of some burdens,” Shantel said.

“I can’t even put in words how much freedom it gives you and how happy it makes me, there is not greater high than listening to this music and telling you how much love it brings you for your fellow members,” McBee said.

“For me, I know the power of Christian music and having that on and being able to put one foot in front of the other. Life happens. Whether you’re Christian and whether you’re not, life happens, and sometimes it sucks. We know the power of music and the power of positive message,” Shantel said.

Day passes for Thrive Fest are $64 and campsites are o$100.

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