City Commission Votes to Demolish South Fargo House Deemed Too Dangerous to Live In

Neighbors say the house been an issue for years

FARGO, N.D. — One house in South Fargo will be no more after being deemed too dangerous to live in.

On Monday night, the Fargo City Commission took action and voted to have the house demolished by the end of the month.

“It’s gone through a continuing decline and deterioration. There have been no utilities over 10 years, load bearing walls have been torn down, it’s a mess,” J. Michael Johnson, a neighbor, said.

The house, which is owned by Bison Turf owner Pete Sabo, hasn’t been occupied for about four years.

He bought the house two decades ago to rent out. He says some tenants, however, “fell off the wagon… literally tore the plaster off the walls, and tore the walls out.”

Even though most of the house is in disrepair, he says the structure is still good.

“There’s some rumors going around I’m a slumlord.  I have people who don’t have perfect credit. I have been that have had a brush with the law.  Probably seven out of ten times it works perfect. They appreciate the chance and appreciate a house. Three out of ten times they do something like this,” he said.

Of the many complaints about the house, one of them is that the back door is only a piece of wood, and there are pieces of furniture just thrown in the backyard.

“The house is straight. I don’t think there’s any broken windows. The back door we had a problem with that, but we should put the back door on it instead of a piece of plywood, but being I had $200 to put it up once I didn’t want to do it again,” Sabo said.

Both Sabo and neighbors say after this house is demolished, they’d like to see a nicer house in its spot.

“It’s going to make everyone feel even more proud of our neighborhood. We love our neighborhood. That’s why people like me stay here as long as I do. We’ve got a great neighborhood except for that one issue,” Johnson said.

Sabo says the house is still valued at $176,000.

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