Kids Show Off Their Pets and Stuffed Animals at Moorhead Library’s Pet Show

They got to pick a category for their pet to compete in

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Kids got to show off their pets, whether they were real or stuffed animals, at Moorhead Public Library’s annual pet show.

Kids picked a category for their pet to compete in, and they ranged from most unusual or friendliest to hairiest and most colorful.

In the end, everyone got a prize. Librarians say the pet show is one of their most–attended events, drawing about a hundred people.

“It’s just a really fun thing to include all kids whether they have real pets or stuffed animals, and everything is always so cute so it makes it a great event. Every child is a winner, which is a really good plus,” Cassey Orre, youth services librarian, said.

The pet show is the final event in the library’s summer reading program, but the fun isn’t completely over.

Kids are still able to track their reading and win prizes through the end of the month.

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