HCV Has Big Shoes to Fill in 2018

The Burros graduated 16 seniors from their 2017 title team

HILLSBORO, N.D. — Hillsboro Central Valley football is looking to stay on top after winning the Class A championship in 2017.

“We’ve created a winning culture around here and I think we want to keep it that way, so yeah we definitely preach that a lot,” senior Mark Hastings said.

“Yeah, we definitely have an air of excitement and are just ready to go,” senior Seth Owens added. “Everybody knows we won last year so we’re coming off that and we’re going to work our butt of to get their again.”

But to do that, the Burros will have some hoops to tackle.

“We lost a lot of people on our line,” Owens explained. “We lost a lot of size especially, so that’s definitely go to be our tough part to fill.”

The Burros graduated 16 seniors from their title team, and replacing them will be no easy feat.

“We definitely have big shoes to fill,” Owens said.

“It’s definitely hard for us to be able to fill those same spots,” agreed senior Jake Moore. “We’re never going to be like the exact same guys that they were.”

The team is stressing hustle and hard work heading into 2018.

“Talent wise we’re not as talented as we were last year, so we have to outwork people,” head coach Scott Olsen said. “So we’ve talked about being blue collar.”

“In the off season we had a lot of lifting, lots of people improved, they got a lot stronger, a lot bigger,” Owens said. “I think with the work ethic we’ve shown recently we can definitely fill it.”

Coach says its now time to write the next chapter.

“Now it’s next man up,” Olsen said. “It’s the new crew that’s coming in and replacing that big class of really good players and it’s their turn to write their story.”

HCV will host Park River Area in the season opener on Friday at 7:00 p.m.

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