Back to School with KVRR News Team

Some of the KVRR crew share their back to school pictures

FARGO, N.D. — It’s back to school and that means picture time.

Whether it’s in front of your house, loading the bus or the standard school pictures, we’ve all got them so we thought we’d share a few of ours.

Let’s start off with KVRR reporter Danielle Church.

She’s ready to take her Barbie backpack to start her Kindergarten year.

This is Sports Reporter Maria Santora going into the first grade, standing to the right of her best friend.

KVRR’s Sports Director Keith Albertson is pictured here with his two older sisters. He calls this his “Little House on the Prairie Days.”

And here I (Alison Voorhees) am, going into Kindergarten, proudly sporting my pink back pack in front of my house.

Reporter Jessie Cohen is eager to walk onto the school bus to start the day and show off her braids for her formal school picture.

KVRR’s Tim Scott is pictured here and we both agree he looks too young to enter any grade but his youthful appearance hasn’t changed much even today.

Here’s young Rob Kupec going into the second grade. Fun fact, it was Miss George’s class who he says introduced him to weather.

And last but not least, you might recognize this face! This is TJ Nelson’s 6th grade picture when his family lived in Rugby, North Dakota.

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