Selfie studio donates proceeds to boy fighting cancer

"I wanted to do something that could give back to the family and help them with their medical needs."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – A creative art studio is giving people the chance to take picturesque photos while helping contribute to a good cause. Looking for a creative way to show her support, Natalie Sparrow of Fargo decided to turn selfies into a fundraising event. “With so many different fundraisers cancelled last year, I felt hey I could do something,…

Back to School with KVRR News Team

Some of the KVRR crew share their back to school pictures

FARGO, N.D. — It’s back to school and that means picture time. Whether it’s in front of your house, loading the bus or the standard school pictures, we’ve all got them so we thought we’d share a few of ours. Let’s start off with KVRR reporter Danielle Church. She’s ready to take her Barbie backpack to start her Kindergarten year….

THE BUZZ: Mystery Animal “Terrorizing” Family: What Should They Do?

The breaking point for Latoria was when the animal jumped on her car when she pulled into her driveway. Fox 32 Reporter, Rafer Weigel reports from Chicago

CHICAGO — Recently, we’ve had reports about a coyote running wild in a south Fargo neighborhood and for the most part, people have been keeping a pretty cool head, but that’s not the case for a neighborhood in Chicago. In fact, people there say they are being “terrorized.” It’s hard to tell from the cell phone video, but there’s an…

West Fargo Police CSO Helping Creatures Great and Small

Why did the officer cross the road?

WEST FARGO, ND — Why did the officer cross the road? To get to the family of ducklings to the other side, of course. That’s exacting what this Chief Security Officer with the West Fargo Police Department did! The department posted these pictures to its Facebook page, and writing a post, reading “Our CSO helping these little ducklings and their…

People in the Metro Area Enjoying Warm Weather

People say you don't have to use walking or exercising as an excuse to be outside

FARGO, N.D. — While other areas around our region are getting hit with the threats of flooding, people in the metro are getting outside to enjoy the warm weather. With temps expected to stay in the 50s and possibly hitting the 60s, people are taking advantage of the earlier than expected warm–up. People say you don’t have to use walking…