Selfie studio donates proceeds to boy fighting cancer

"I wanted to do something that could give back to the family and help them with their medical needs."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – A creative art studio is giving people the chance to take picturesque photos while helping contribute to a good cause.

Looking for a creative way to show her support, Natalie Sparrow of Fargo decided to turn selfies into a fundraising event.

“With so many different fundraisers cancelled last year, I felt hey I could do something, I’ve got the studio space, it’s not currently being used and why not create a selfie studio where people can come in, book out private appointments and be able to have that one on one time just to take fun and lasting memories,” Ultimate Selfie Studios Founder Natalie Sparrow said.

The fundraiser is helping cover medical costs for a Fargo child battling cancer.

“My main inspiration was to help create a fundraiser for a local boy who is battling brain cancer. So I wanted to do something that could give back to the family and help them with their medical needs and all of the proceeds of the tickets will go to Teddy’s fundraiser for tackling Teddy’s Tumor,” Sparrow said.

Not only is the event helping raise funds for Teddy.

The various set were all designed by local artists and businesses.

“I really wanted to do something to showcase artists and businesses in our town as well because I know that’s a challenge right now not being able to be as visible when you’re not out in public,” Sparrow said.

With various sets to choose from, Sparrow says there is a backdrop for everyone to enjoy.

“We had four different artists come together and help volunteer their time and sponsor a booth so each of those artists designed a theme or concept that represented them or came to their mind as something unique,” Sparrow said.

Sparrow says it’s all about giving back and seeing people enjoy themselves.

“When I hear the laughter and the joy that everybody has when they come into this selfie studio that is what makes this even more grand and bigger than what my original vision was because I think that we’re missing out on getting together and having fun,” Sparrow said.

Tickets for the Ultimate Selfie Studio are $30 each and the event is open Friday’s through Sundays throughout the end of the month.

To purchase tickets, click here.

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