Over a Century Later, Perham High School Gets a New Beginning

Classes will start on September 4 for 475 students

PERHAM, Minn. — Students have walked into Perham High School (PHS) as freshmen and out as graduates ready to pursue some of their greatest passions for the last 102 years.

But that’s come to an end as current students get ready to learn and participate in extracurriculars at an entirely new school right down the street.

“For the first time in my entire academic career, I’m excited about my summer ending,” said Ty Moser, an incoming senior at the high school.

That’s the excitement that comes with the 158,000 square foot layout of these Perham Yellowjackets’ new home.

“There’s a lot of flexibility with this building. There’s a lot of space for big and small groups of kids to work together. Here, we’ve got a layout that lends itself to how we want to educate kids,” said Mitch Anderson, superintendent of Perham-Dent Public Schools.

Which includes preparing them for the workforce. Some of the high school’s new features include a media center and a tech center.

“That’s an opportunity for us to put our businesses that are in our community, in our area, and work with our kids on those. We’re able to provide them with a skill set that helps out those area businesses,” Anderson said.

More resources for the kids, spacious classrooms and an even larger gym are all meant to support a growing district.

“It’s a college facility. Most D3 schools don’t have what we have,” said Ryan Beachy, physical education and health teacher at PHS.

“We do have a large population of students coming up and that’s why we built this with the intent that we’re going to grow. This will be able to handle our needs moving forward,” Anderson said.

It’s a move with hopes of a brighter future these students know will last longer than the school year.

“This is something that we can be proud of statewide and community–wide for a long time,” Moser said.

It took five years to plan, design and construct the new facility. It has a capacity for 650 students, although 475 are enrolled. They will begin class on September 4.

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