Winger, Minn. Cleans Up After Sunday Tornado

Many landmarks around town faced significant damage

WINGER, Minn. — The town of Winger is still cleaning up after a tornado hit Sunday night.

Dean Johnson had a lot of his property damaged from Sunday’s storm.

“This kind of tells the story itself. It’s kind of discouraging to look at,” he said.

The tornado, with winds up to 110 mph, started at the southwest part of town and angled towards the northeast.

Barns, sheds, and many other buildings were damaged. Trees throughout town were uprooted and snapped.

“During the lightning flashes I could see in my backyard the tree was down and the dugout from the baseball field, which I live right next to, was in my backyard,” Mayor Darrell Olson of Winger said.

“I was sleeping. I woke up, there was thunder and lighting, I got up, and I looked out, and you see what we’re seeing,” Johnson said.

Luckily, the tornado spared most of Johnson’s house.

“This stuff out here, what would’ve happened if the direction of the storm went a little the other way then and took the house? I’d probably be sleeping somewhere else,” he said.

Sheets of metal lay out in fields outside of town, and many landmarks had significant damage.

“The Calvary Church in Winger took a hit pretty hard, all the trees are down in front of that pretty much. The elevator really took it hard on the south side. A steel building there got wrecked. Bin’s a mess,” Olson said.

Even though Winger faced a lot of structural damage after the storm, people who live here say they’re just glad no one got hurt.

“Material things you can replace, human life, it’s irreplaceable,” Johnson said.

Volunteers are helping with cleanup and rebuilding.

“You pick up, clean up, rebuild, and go on from there really,” Johnson said.

No injuries were reported from the storm.

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