Local Organizations Encourage Girls to Play New Sports

Girls took part in demonstrations for martial arts, lacrosse

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Young girls had the chance to learn about different extracurricular activities across the metro during the Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons Day of Play.

The event allows kids to connect with local groups.

They take part in demonstrations with things like lacrosse and martial arts.

They were also told more about scouting.

Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons organizes the event every year to demonstrate that Girl Scouts and being active go hand in hand.

“From the beginnings when we went out camping and it was all about wanting girls to know that they didn’t have to stay at home and do needlework and things like that; they could actually go out and play basketball and they could go camping, and that’s what has been our staple for over one hundred years,” said Jennifer Jamieson, the Member Support Lead for Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons.

Northwest Martial Arts and the Red River Valley Lacrosse Association were among the organizations there.

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