“Home Run Walk” Raises Money for Roger Maris Cancer Center

Walkers and runners get doused in color as they finish the walk to raise money for cancer research

FARGO, N.D. — It’s not your typical run; hundreds of people had a colorful morning as they helped raise money for the Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center.

Most at the run have a personal connection to the fight against cancer. They either know someone or have lost someone to the disease.

“I had a sister-in-law, her name was Ashley, she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer about three years ago. She tragically passed away so I came out out run for her,” Josh Obrigewitch said. 

My mom passed away last year. It was just a walk in remembrance of her,” Carrie Warren said. 

Funds raised go towards research, equipment, and services for cancer patients.

“It’s very heartwarming. It’s hard to keep dry eyes, but it’s great to see,” Obrigewitch said. 

“I hope what people mostly take away from this is the feeling of family that you get at Roger Maris Cancer Center. It’s such a special place. If you’ve been treated there you know what I’m talking about,” Dave Jacobs, host at 107.9 The FOX, said.

If you’ve lost a loved one or have one fighting cancer, people say to spend time with them and embrace them.

“Be together and use the support team that you have and really get together and enjoy the loved ones you have,” Warren said.

“No one fights alone. Very rarely does it affect one person. It’s really important to stay together,” Obrigewitch said. 

“Be there, be positive, make them laugh,” Alanna Fink said. 

Organizers say they wanted this event to be a family-friendly one, and kids say their favorite part was definitely getting doused in color.

“You see people with a lot of color on,” Chloe Warren, 9, said.

“My favorite part was when they threw color,” Gracie Jenson, 8, said. 

For the parents, it was a great way to get their heart rates up, too.

“It was a good workout,” Fink said.

This is the 20th year the “61 for 61” events, which includes the Home Run Walk, have been held.

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