Filipino Soybean Buyers Visit North Dakota Farms

Their trip takes them through every step of the soybean trading process

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Soybean Council hosted soybean buyers from the Philippines so they could see farms around the state and see what their product goes through from start to finish.

“From the farm— the elevator, the crushing facility, the rails, and in two days’ time we’re going to see the Port of Grays harbor as well. All the way from the farm to port operations,” Hans Walder Chua, procurement manager for Simon Enterprises, said.

The buyers spent the day touring farms in Colfax and Casselton, and ended the day with a brief economic lesson at NDSU.

“Our buyers are very sophisticated individuals, and sometimes when they can pick up a few tricks, and we can help them on those things and provide a little education for them, they see value in that, and appreciate that,” Harrison Weber, director of market development at the North Dakota Soybean Council, said.

“Crop this year is looking very good. We’re very impressed by the new infrastructure that’s put in place, the new elevator mechanisms that they have. We pick up a lot of things we were thinking about applying back home,” Chua said.

The tour started a week ago, and the group has also been through South Dakota and Minnesota to see every step of the process.

“This is one program that we do throughout the year for marketing our soybeans. We like to bring over our partners from other countries and show them what we’re doing here,” Weber said.

While the Soybean Council says they aren’t able to comment on political matters, Filipino buyers say they think tariffs on soybeans will only be temporary.

“I just feel bad for the farmers because of the price situation they are in now. I don’t think it will be forever. The demand is always there. We are always here ready to buy. It’s just an unfortunate circumstance right now,” Chua said.

The Soybean Council says by the end of fall, they will have hosted 80 companies from 14 different countries.

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