Hundreds of Kids Help to “Reforest the Red”

they planted more than 4,500 trees

FARGO, N.D. — The River Keepers bring hundreds of people together to reforest patches along the Red River.

In fact, they found just the right rhythm while planting 4,500 trees and shrubs to areas along the Red River in under 24 hours.

“It’s very difficult for this area to naturally regenerate. Deer is one thing and heavy waters is another at certain times of the year. They’re flooding out. Most of the normal regeneration difficult time establishing. All we’re doing today is trying to supplement some of that and help it along,” said Scott Liudahl, City of Fargo forester.

The key to planting a tree is to not pack down the dirt so that way you don’t break the roots.

“If you don’t loosen it up around the edges, the tree is going to have a tough time trying to penetrate that compacted area,” Liudahl said.

Once all the plants are in the ground, you can expect to see more than ten different species grow.

“Expect to see boxelder, ash, elms, cottonwoods, maybe some maple, some basswood that could start to re–establish in this area,” Liudahl said.

All of them will help the wildlife and water but different species especially provide support.

“We know that there’s going to be certain pests and certain diseases that come in here and take out a particular species but it’s made up with other ones too,” Liudahl said.

For the 450 students, it’s not even as hard as they initially thought.

“More people should plant trees. It’s pretty easy and it’s a lot of fun too. I like helping out nature and I think we need trees to survive,” said Evan Kostohryz, a Horizon Middle School seventh grader.

Teaching them some important lessons along the way.

“To do something good for society,” said Broden Cegla, a student at Horizon Middle School. 

The River Keepers, Fargo Park District and City of Fargo have about 9,000 trees to plant.

Cass County’s Soil Conservation District will put the rest in place using machines by the end of next week.

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