A Step Towards the Future: New Preschool Center Opens in West Fargo

So far, 29 students have enrolled to take class in the Lodoen Kindergarten Center building

FARGO, N.D. — A new preschool in West Fargo opens its doors.

The Early Childhood Center currently has 29 students, and looks to accommodate 120 early learners in the future.

Located in the former Lodoen Kindergarten Center, the new program came to life due to partnerships with the YMCA, West Fargo Public Schools, and United Way of Cass–Clay.

Educators say giving kids an earlier opportunity to learn is important for the future.

“We are all here for kids and families. We have big hearts. If you were here and you saw the kiddos in the hallway, they’re just happy to be here, learning, singing, playing on the playground. This is a great opportunity for kids and families,” said Andree Hayes, the Principal of the Early Childhood Center.

Kids can get three meals a day and have plenty of opportunities for structured learning and playtime.

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