Ninja Warrior Maggi Thorne Inspires Athletes and Those With Disabilities With Talk at Avalon Center

The event benefits FargoMania, a competition designed for people of all abilities

FARGO, N.D. — Maggi Thorne, a competitor on American Ninja Warrior, gave a special talk hosted by TNT Kid’s Fitness.

“Some people look at American Ninja Warrior and they’re like, ‘oh that’s easy.’ There’s people who definitely know it’s hard. It is a lot harder than it looks,” Thorne said.

She’s a mother of three and a global ambassador for a non–profit called FeedONE.

Thorne shared her story on how she overcame obstacles in her life and gave tips on how people can discover their purpose.

“Get a community around you that is supportive and not judgmental. Try to find peace of who you are and have acceptance of that,” she said.

The event benefits FargoMania, which is a competition designed for people with special needs. One of the athletes even led the crowd through some warm-up exercises.

TNT says Thorne is a big inspiration to the kids because they go to the gym to do activities designed for people of all abilities.

“Sometimes their abilities don’t let them use some of the machines, do some of the movements, so this is a way for them to get that physical activity that everybody needs,” Tim Frie, communications specialist for TNT, said.

They even have a ninja rig inspired by the show.

“Everyone’s trying to hop on it and test their skills. It’s pretty hard,” Frie said.

Thorne says she’s always driven to motivate people.

“I just felt God wanted me to build people and not build buildings. That’s my mission,” she said.

FargoMania will be held Oct. 21 at the NDSU Sanford Health Athletic Complex.

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