Hoehn Trial Reveals Police Interviews With Crews, Testimonies From Experts

A forensic examiner from the FBI gave DNA analysis

FARGO, N.D. — The trial for William Hoehn continues for the fourth day. He’s being charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Savanna Greywind.

Among those who testified for the prosecution were a forensic examiner from the FBI and a doctor who cared for Haisley Jo, Greywind’s baby.

Most of the day was spent showing the jury a police interview with Brooke Crews, Hoehn’s girlfriend who’s been convicted and sentenced for Greywind’s murder.

Hoehn had told coworkers that he and Crews were having a baby.

“I don’t know that. I don’t know anything…” Crews said in the interview.

“Are you pregnant?” the police officer asked.

“No,” Crews responded.

She tells police a story about how she got the baby.

“She came in through a hole in the fence? With the baby?” police asked.

“Yep,” Crews said.

“What was the baby wearing?”

“Nothing, a towel,” Crews responded.

At the trial, the officer says he used certain strategies with Crews in the interview.

“We’re gonna find her blood in your goddamn apartment,” he told Crews.

“You’re not going to find her blood in my goddamn apartment. They’re not!”

“What happened?” he asked. “[Hoehn] told the whole damn story! He’s sick, he was visibly sick, telling us what happened. You thought he was going to leave you if you couldn’t give him a baby.”

“That’s not true,” Crews said, laughing. “I thought he was going to leave me if I couldn’t give him a baby?”

A forensic examiner from the FBI, Brandon McCollum, was called to examine ropes that were found in the apartment and the rope around Greywind’s neck.

Greywind’s DNA wasn’t found on those ropes in the apartment, but Hoehn’s and Crews’ were.

An officer who assisted with the search warrant said the ropes were found in some boxes with other things in the apartment. There was also a document with pregnancy notes.

Greywind’s DNA was on the rope around her neck, but Hoehn’s and Crews’ DNA was not. However, the FBI forensic examiner says water can break down DNA or wash it away.

Hoehn’s car was also tested for DNA, and none was found.

A doctor from Sanford,  Frederick Kieley, who cared for Haisley Jo, was called to the stand, and he said described how hard it is to do a C–section even in a hospital setting.

The woman who found Greywind’s body and a worker from the dollar store that Hoehn and Crews went to also took the stand to give their accounts.

The trial will continue through next week.

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