United Blood Services Rebranded as Vitalant

The name change doesn't change any of its operations

United Blood Services is now called Vitalant, but that doesn’t change any of its services.

They say they wanted to bring the 100+ locations across the country under one name. Rebranding does not change any of its operations. Blood donated in the region will still be supplied to area hospitals.

Over the next year, all their buildings and buses will be rebranded. Their digital and online presence has already been changed to the new name.

“We wanted something that represented life and vitality and that’s what we tried to bring. It represents our donors, it represents the patients that receive the blood, so we are here to bring life to the area,” Matt Walstad, donor recruitment supervisor for the Dakotas, said.

Vitalant says they are always in need of more donors. One donation can save up to three lives.

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