Kicking Off a New Era: Fargo South Debuts its Brand New Artificial Turf Field

Fargo South becomes the first public school in Fargo to have a turf field

FARGO, N.D. — Just in time for its Homecoming game, Fargo South High School is set to debut its new field and become the first public school in Fargo to have an artificial turf surface.

Brant–Quamme Field will serve as the home of the Bruins football team and boys’ and girls’ soccer squads.

The field is named in honor of Dr. David Brant and Larry Quamme, both 1969 graduates, lifelong friends and student athletes.

The new field was made possible through a $1.2 million donation from donors who wish to stay anonymous.

The boys’ soccer team first practiced on the field Wednesday, while the football team first tackled the turf on Thursday.

“What it does is it just gives us a consistent playing surface in all seasons and just about any conditions, and it’ll keep it consistent for the kids whether we have four to six games on it, or two games on it. The surface will be the same,” said Mike Beaton, the Athletic Director at Fargo South High School.

After the homecoming game, Fargo South football and boys’ soccer will play two games each on the new field.

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